iSales by PropertyIDX

A New, More Precise Way to Invest
in Commercial Real Estate.  

iSales by PropertyIDX is a real estate investment technology using proprietary algorithms, data, and artificial intelligence to outperform commercial real estate investment benchmarks.

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About iSales by PropertyIDX


About iSales

Mining data from over 1,000 different data sources and applying advanced AI architecture to identify and detect  future opportunities, identify superior risk-reward investments, and discover untapped value-add opportunities before the competition. 

iSales by PropertyIDX is the new and precise way to invest in real estate.


Innovate CRE

The emergence of advanced artificial intelligence technology is enabling traditional industries to enhance profitability and make exponentially smarter decisions based on data-generated insights. Commercial real estate, a multi-trillion-dollar industry, has been slow to adapt. iSales by PropertyIDX is introducing real time data and AI into the commercial real estate investment process, partnering with select investors to unlock billions of dollars of untapped value.



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