September's Most Popular Investment Sales Market


September's Most Popular Investment Sales Market

Every month, Falkon analyzes New York City's most searched neighborhoods by investors.  Falkon analyzed 15,148 search inquires in the month of September.  Learn more about Falkon Analytics.  

In New York City commercial real estate, the quest for the next hot neighborhood never ends. But spotting an area that is on the rise isn't easy.  Landlord and investor interest is based on opportunity and appreciation. 

But buyers who seek the next “hot" neighborhood, would do well to take their cues from apartment developers.  Neighborhoods with access to public transportation, rezoning, and real estate values that are rising but still lower than surrounding neighborhoods could lead to a high yeilding investment.


Upper West Side


The Upper West Side was the most searched neighborhood in September.  Search inquires by investors and real estate professionals skyrocketed by over 530%, the largest percent change in 2017.  Multi-family properties and single family townhouse were the most search properties, including A7 and C7 properties.


Chelsea was the second most popular neighborhood for investors.   Consistently remaining in the top five most search neighborhoods, investor activity modestly increased in September.  Multifamily, mixed use and co-op buildings were the most searched properties, including, C5, C7, and D4 properties.


Search inquiries increased by over 300% in Harlem in September, catapulting the neighborhood to the third most popular neighborhood.  Single family and multifamily properties were the most search properties, including A1, C5 and C7 properties.